El Pulpo Negro


Private Narratives of the Irish Emigration to Argentina (1844-1912).

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What happened when the Irish went to live in a Spanish-speaking country, beyond the colonial borders of the British Empire? Did they follow the patterns of settlement in Australia, Canada, England or the United States? Did they integrate into the receiving society or persist to maintain their Irish identity throughout generations? Did they evolve from colonised to colonisers? This book provides a variety of answers through the analysis of unpublished emigrant letters and memoirs. Among Latin American countries, Argentina received the largest immigration from Ireland. After a number of years, some of the emigrants went back home or re-emigrated to North America, Australia and other regions. Others settled in the Argentine pampas, and founded families that during generations developed their own sets of values and beliefs. Collectively, they shaped the largest Irish community in the Spanish-speaking world. Including unpublished emigrant letters and memoirs of Irish settlers and their families, this book explores the community's evolution since its early years to the integration into the larger Argentine society in the twentieth century. This revised edition in English includes the original texts of letters and memoirs, as well as new documents and substantial new thinking on the roles of identity and nationalism.

  • Páginas: 212
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Encuadernación: Rústica
  • Editorial: L.O.L.A
  • Edición: 1ra ed. 2006
  • Dimensiones: 24 x 17 cm
  • Autor: Murray, Edmundo
  • Peso en gramos: 500 gr



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